First GtkSharp App

This post is all about my first Gtk# or GtkSharp UI development experience. Over several evenings I have put together a UI for the C# program that I wrote before for the Num Verify API.

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Mimikatz Part I Procdump On Lsass

This post is about extracting passwords in stealthmode by using Mimikatz offline on a Procdump of Lsass we can successfully bypass the security controls of most organizations that obviously are aware of and looking for any instance of Mimikatz during a pentest.

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Twitter Word Cloud

In this post I demonstrate a word cloud for the search term machine learning retrieved from the data pulled from Twitter via its API using R.

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My Tableau Portfolio

In this post I am referencing a project from my college days. This specific Tableau workbook is about the New York Stop And Frisk dataset for 2011. After a civil suit they are now required to release it every year.

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Splunk Part I

Recently I found a Go repo for a Splunk API Client that I really like. I decided to add some functionality. I was looking for something robust that could be fleshed out immediately.
Find the repo here.
To follow along import the repo and add the following code to the files main.go & splunk.go

Step 1: Add this code to splunk.go

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My Poor Victim VM

I say poor - this vm has malware run on it, gets reset to the secure snapshot image repeatedly, and I run exploits on this victim machine from a Kali instance. This isn’t just a victim machine however, it also has security tools downloaded for analyzing malware.

This post is about the virtual Windows XP machine that I have set up over time, adding reversing tools and security tools.

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